Portrait of artist, Steven Edson


Award-winning, artist Steve Edson created GFX Stylz as a contemporary lifestyle fashion company. GFX Stylz designs and embraces a modern and timeless aesthetic of today's casual dress culture for people who love bold, colorful graphic symbols. Whether you are heading to the store, the gym, out for a hike, partying with friends, off to the racetrack, or a night out to a rock and roll concert, these designs will be a complimentary addition to any outfit.

With almost a decade of photographing race cars on various racetracks in New England, something clicked, and this time, it wasn't just the camera. Steve's appreciation for typography and industrial design, alongside his passion for photography, he introduces a wider audience to his fun and hip vision for others to enjoy.

Steve Edson is often dressed in comfortable short sleeve T's and long sleeve T's in the colder winters of New England. He says, "I haven't found too many graphics on T-shirts which I like. I also don't like promoting company logos or pseudo-cultural, or political messages with which I have no personal identity."

His line of clothes offers people an opportunity to wear their favorite numbers and graphics as casual apparel to compliment any outfit or even as an affordable gift to a friend who is celebrating a birthday or anniversary milestone.

GFX Stylz has chosen to work with and print on only the finest cotton-based fabrics/ materials available. If there is something you want to see and you can't find it here, send us an email, and we can see how fast we can get it into production and into your hands ASAP.

Know Thyself!

Because once you start the journey, self-knowledge becomes a vital tool for understanding yourself, your world and helps people to develop a much needed sense of compassion for living with others.

We hope you love your purchase as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you! If there is something you want to see that we haven't already created, send us an email and I will get the team to work on it. Send us a photo of someone wearing our shirts and we will post it on our growing social media pages.

Have fun, be kind and make the world a better place!

Chief Visionary